Norman Patizz Announces How Podcast Influences Marketing Positively

PodcastOne together with Edison research firm conducted a market survey of five leading countrywide customers’ brands which included five diverse products and service classes. The research which involved pre/post promotion brand boost for podcast promoters was conducted within six months in 2016. The results of the research according to Norman Pattiz the CEO of Podcast and Tom Webster the Vice President of Edison Research Strategy, revealed a significant positive influence of podcast product advertising.

From the research, it was found out that 60% of Podcast listeners associate with a particular grocery brand after adverts run indicating a 7% rise with those of spectators in the pre-study. The research also showed some improvement in independent products before and after the research indicating a 47% growth for a financial service product and 37% for car aftermarket goods. Grass and garden product improvement stood at 24%.

The post-research also showed a significant rise where a third of the respondents had positive views of the car aftermarket merchandise which rose up from 18% in the pre-research. The post research results also indicated a 16% to 22% increase in the number of interviewees who were almost getting convinced to using garden and lawn products. The survey also recorded positive results in a particular car aftermarket promotion which improved by 60 % pre and post research, and for an informal restaurant rose by 76%.

Edison Research carried out the market survey for Podcast one with the aim of observing how efficient is podcast promotion strategy for five national brands. Some of the brands were already established in the market but needed to launch new campaigns while others were new entrants and were seeking to increase their awareness in the market. The outcomes of the research showed that podcast listeners were receptive to brand messages and are willing to purchase or consider the advertised brands. PodcastOne is a national advertising network that was established by Norman Pattiz.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Patizz is the founder and the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Patizz has over 40 years worth of experience in the media industry. Before founding PodcastOne, Patizz founded Westwood One which was America’s top provider of news in sports, entertainment and traffic programming among others. Patizz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group a firm that produces and distributes quality programming. Norman Patizz being a serial entrepreneur in 2012 saw a gap in the audio on demand industry and as a result tapped the opportunity and established PodcastOne. The company within no time rose to be the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming.

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