Comic mathematician Michael Lacey

Mathematicians are folks viewed by great proportion of the society as boring and dry people. The preconception is due to the fact that majority of the population have negative attitude towards the subject.

The long hours associated with memorizing the complex equations and practice tackling problems are enough to drive someone crazy. However, this is not the same when it comes to mathematician Michael Lacey.

He is a Professor of Mathematics who lectures at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Lacey studied in the university of Texas, Austin and graduated in the year 1981. He decided to pursue his Ph.d in mathematics in Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois. He began his lectures by lecturing as an associate professor in Louisiana State University.

From the year 2001 to today Dr.Lacey has been one of the best mathematics professors in the country. His unique methods of teaching that is characterized by humor is what makes his approach of mathematics different from the rest of mathematics professor. His ability to incorporate humor in his lectures has made students get interested in learning mathematics and its fundamentals.

Dr.Lacey has been given numerous awards in his mathematician career, the most notable one being; he became a member of American Mathematical Society (AMS) in the year 2013. In his long career as professor in mathematics, he has been able to create over a hundred publications in academia.

This makes it easy to understand why it was easy for him to connect with his students easily over his teaching career. The combination of clear understanding of mathematics subject that is coupled with his ability to generate humor while teaching makes Dr,Lacey an important asset at Georgia Tech.

It is easy to now understand why Georgia Tech is one the most acclaimed university not only in the country but also in the world in the fields mathematics, science,engineering and technology.

Dr.Lacey is one of the most interesting folks, he even jokingly generates posts in his own website at the university showing the reviews he gets from students for everyone to view and enjoy.

He also posts other amazing reviews which serve as testimony of what an inspirational professor he has been when it comes to building minds of students, and promoting positive attitude of learners towards mathematics subject.

The testimony of his students on how he managed to change their attitude towards mathematics and build careers is an indicator of the passion Dr.Lacey has in helping his students succeed in their academic endeavors.

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