Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Admirable Leadership Qualities

For those needing an attorney in New York, the New York Bar Association has great news! A website referral service at has been made available around the clock. The service replaces the former telephone referral line and is referred to as the Legal Referral and Information Service. Clients are able to fill out a profile detailing their unique legal needs. The staff reviews the submission and matches it with an attorney. If the client wishes to meet with a selected attorney, they pay a small fee for a half an hour consultation to go over the details of the case. This benefits both parties by ensuring there is a legitimate match; saving each party a significant amount of time and money.


Among these attorneys is Jeremy L. Goldstein. His background in legal issues dealing with corporate governance and ethical issues such as executive pay makes him a highly regarded resource. He’s been involved in many large transactions over the years with large corporations on both the national and international level. Jeremy Goldstein’s educational background in both business and law give him the experience level needed to have his own successful boutique firm.


Jeremy Goldstein has contributed his expert knowledge to non-profit organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and Fountain House by serving in leadership and advisory roles. He also has a strong background in art history and the French language. His expert advice has been implemented in scholarly articles by Harvard University and NYU’s Journal of Law primarily on corporate governance. Jeremy L. Goldstein is noticed by both the legal and business communities as an invaluable asset. Mr. Goldstein’s well-rounded background helps him in understanding and resolving some of the business world’s most complex issues. Goldstein’s caring and competent background give his firm the strength to help in any capacity.


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JHSF and Jos Auriemo Neto: The World-Class Quality Leadership

Nothing seems to be better than JHSF when it comes to real estate development in the high-income market of Brazil. With JHSF running operations both in the commercial and residential sectors of Brazil, anyone can say that the management style of JHSF is second to none. What makes JHSF also outstanding is the fact that it was able to manage shopping centers and high-level hotels near an internationally recognized executive airport.

The operations of JHSF also come from a consolidation of investments in Sau Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. JHSF also has holdings in the Catarina Integrated Urban Development that includes the Catarina Fashion Outlet that offers business opportunities to many people. This exceptional quality service that JHSF provides has given the company numerous awards, including the Best Aqua Seal Environmental Award in 2012, along with the PINI award last 2012.

JHSF also prides itself on being one of the top best residential developers in the world by Worth Magazine in 2012.

The Leadership Behind JHSF

A good company requires a good leader, and JHSF is running smoothly because of the contribution and leadership of José Auriemo Neto. Mr. Neto is a Brazilian executive who is serving the active chairmanship of JHSF Participacoes SA and is now making sure that the brand’s interests are in sync in the operations of the many hotels, buildings and public developments behind JHSF’s name.

The eldest son of Fábio Auriemo, Jose Neto took over JHSF at the young age of 27 to help intensify the company’s efforts in the luxury market today. At the young age of 17, Jose already showed exceptional promise in getting a small business he started to grow, and it’s this entrepreneurial spirit that gave him the fuel to make sure that up to this day, the developments of JHSF are outstanding.

Mr. Jose was also able to help in administering the many extensive retail portfolios of the company in the Cidade Jardim shopping complex that located in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Ponta Negra.

The leadership skills of Jose are also world-class because of the education Jose got at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University located in Sao Paulo where he took his undergraduate degree before beginning to work in JHSF last 1993.

How The New Foucault Pendulum At Orange Coast College Was Paid For

Orange Coast College was the recipient of a generous donation from one of the professors that used to teach there. This retired professor, Mary McChesney, donated $1 million which is to be used in the new planetarium currently being built on the school’s campus.

The money is designated for a device called a Foucault pendulum which provides a demonstration of the Earth’s rotation. This pendulum will be the first one located in Orange County, California. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

When announcing her gift to Orange Coast County Mary McChesney said that the new planetarium will provide a place for scientific study for not just students at this community college but also those in the surrounding community.

She added that while at age 91 she is now old she continues to love Orange Coast College and wants to contribute to its future. She added that the financial gift was made in memory of her longtime partner, Adelyn Bonin.

Mary McChesney taught at this community college until 1983 when she retired. She had taught both English and Spanish for 33 years. After retiring she joined the Orange College Foundations as its executive director. Over the years she has also provided scholarships to students and been involved in campus life.

The planetarium construction was started in 2016 and once completed will have 129 seats as well as an exhibit hall. The hall will a Science on a Sphere display globe supplied by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Orange Coast College was established in 1947 and the first classes were held in 1948. It now has 25,000 students attend every semester and is one of the largest community colleges in the United States. It is situated on 164 acres and access to ocean beaches is just minutes away from it.

At Orange Coast College there are many programs that students can be enrolled in. There are over 135 such programs with the most popular by far being in its Career and Technical Education program.

Many of the students that graduate go on to obtaining a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year educational institution, usually within the state of California.

Ken Goodrich Turns Goettl Air Conditioning Around

When Ken Goodrich bought Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013, it was all broken down and in the brink of collapse. Mr. Goodrich, however, had great plans for the company and had all intentions of reviving it and guiding it to unprecedented glory. This was not his first company to purchase but was rather his sixteenth. He was therefore well versed with the challenges of reviving enterprises in the brink of collapse and even turning them around into profitable ventures. Goettl Air Conditioning had been founded in 1939 and operated for the larger part of its existence as a family business. However, in recent times, the Phoenix based company had changed ownership several years due to numerous challenges, reports Ken Goodrich, however, used his vast experience in reviving troubled companies to bring Goettl Air Conditioning back to its feet and make it fully operational once again.

Within two years, Ken Goodrich had Goettl Air Conditioning’s fortunes around, and now it is a fast growing, high revenue earning company and a force to reckon with in the air conditioning industry. So successful has been Mr. Goodrich’s revival efforts of the company that it has started expanding beyond Arizona and into Southern California. In fact, in June 2017, Goettl Air Conditioning announced that it had acquired Walton’s Heating, a South California based Walton’s Heating and Air. The acquisition was announced in June 2017, although the financial details were withheld for the moment. In fact, the acquisition occurred in 2015, two years before it was published on Business Press Vegas. Ken Goodrich explains that the reason for the hesitation in announcing the deal was a few complications with Walton’s Heating and Air’s operations and marketing dynamics.

Confirming the news of the acquisition, Todd Longbrake indicated that he had been hesitant of the deal initially; he was later convinced to consider the transaction after he became aware of Goettl Air Conditioning’s good reputation in the air conditioning industry. He has been retained as the sales manager and a field supervisor, seeing that he had so much experience with the company’s operations and its market base. Ken Goodrich speaks highly of Mr. Toddbrake’s work ethic, saying that he was quick to assimilate to the organizational culture and Goettl Air Conditioning and has, therefore, become an important asset in facilitating the company’s growth. The acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air is part of an expansion campaign that is aimed at making Goettl Air Conditioning a national outfit by expanding slowly into the neighboring states. Their other operations are in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas.

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The Successful and Varied Career of Mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey

Mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey has been teaching math for decades. Over the course of his career, Michael Thoreau Lacey has worked at dozens of academic institutions.

Michael Thoreau Lacey received his higher education under Water Philipp and acquired his Ph. D. in 1987 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The thesis that Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey presented was about the Banach spaces in the area of probability.

The argument solved a problem which had to do with a couple of mathematical laws. Some of the areas that were included in the thesis were probability, harmonic analysis as well as ergodic theory.

After that, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey took up a position at the Louisiana State University. He was also appointed to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

While Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey was working at the University of North Carolina, he and Prof. Walter Philip were collaborating on research and provided the community with proof in regard to the central limit theorem which is considered to be correct by almost all authorities.

Between 1989 and 1996, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey held a position at the Indiana University. Those seven years at the Indiana University were also a good period n the career of Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey. He was recognized on a number of occasions. Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey received a Postdoctoral fellowship at the National Science Foundation.

Over the course of the fellowship, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey put a start to his studies of the Hilbert transform – a bilinear theory. After Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey had completed those studies together with Christoph Thiele, the two mathematicians received a coveted award for their efforts and accomplishments – the Salem Prize. The award ceremony took place in 1996.

After his seven years at the Indiana University, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey moved on to take up a position at the Georgia Institute of technology in 1996. Prof. Michael Lacey started occupying the position of Professor of Mathematics.

In 2004, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey received another fellowship which was a Guggenheim Fellowship. Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey had the honor of working with the renowned Xiaochun Li and collaborate on projects and studies.

The latest significant development in the career of Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey took place in 2012 when he was appointed as a fellow of the renowned American mathematical Asociation.

Over the course of his highly successful career, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey has become recognized in the mathematical community on an international level. Prof. Michael  Lacey has been working diligently over the course of his career, and he has produced more than a few dozen papers in regard to studies that e has been a part of as well as other thesis.

The papers that Prof. Michael has written are available online. the most recent publication was made in 2002. Currently, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey is still teaching mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His students have been happy with his teaching methods, and Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey has inspired many.

Fabletics Goes Toe to Toe with Amazon

It’s always an interesting thing when you talk about a company that is primed and ready to take on mega online wholesale giant Amazon. Amazon has become the go-to for everything from fashion to household goods to décor to presents…basically almost anything and everything you need can be purchased there. However, other companies are utilizing creative models to position themselves to go toe to toe with Amazon and offer the best products and great user experience through their own sites.

Fabletics is one such company. The athletic wear brand is gaining market share every day in the athletic clothing department and has taken a good deal of Amazon’s market share on those products. They do this by offering a unique membership model that creates a tailored user profile and invites buyers to do absolutely every part of the shopping process online, while not have to actually “shop.”

This is called the reverse showroom-ing technique and it has become essential in the world of Amazon. Today’s buyer often checks 1-3 online place after they have found an item of apparel they like in a store to see if it is available at a lower price somewhere else, or if something very similar is available online with a lower price. Fabletics uses the reverse showroom to allow buyers to not only receive the ease of getting a monthly package delivered directly to their doorstep with easy returns, but to know that each box was tailored just for them.

Having the outfit tailored just for their personal preferences is a huge added benefit. Amazon’s multiple choices, product overlap and shipping dates that can vary depending on where the seller is based can often make the process of shopping for one pair of leggings a daunting task. At Fabletics, user information is captured at the first visit through a fun Lifestyle Quiz. After answering the Lifestyle Quiz questions, outfits are sent to each buyer based on what styles they would like to see and what type of workout gear they need for the types of activities they enjoy.

This type of digital and data-driven model was important to Kate Hudson when she considered signing on to become the face of Fabletics. Hudson only takes on commitments that she truly believes in and she saw that the digital showroom is what consumers are demanding to receive the best experience possible. In addition, she believes in the quality of Fabletics and what they offer to today’s woman.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco

There are few influential executives in the Brazilian financial sector as Luiz Trabuco Bradesco who is the president of Bradesco. Trabuco was born in Marília (SP) and earned a philosophy from the University of São Paulo. Trabuco has passed through the credit operations of some of the largest financial projects in progress in Brazil. His influence is evident in the way his opinions are followed by large businesses, corporations, and documented on the pages of mainstream newspapers and magazines.

Trabuco’s biggest challenge was narrowing the gap between Bradesco and its main competitor Itaú Unibanco that is estimated at R $ 150 billion. Although there is a market scarcity for potential acquisition opportunities, Trabuco’s best and simplest approach in trying to stay at par with its competitor in the acquisition of smaller banks. However, Trabuco has demonstrated a strategy of improving the bank’s status in implementing policies of working from the inside out called “organic growth” which basically means that he will start by reorganizing the bank’s management.

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Bradesco reduced its rates to attract potential customers in 2009 and is also planning to open 211 branches. This is an approach that will see the company boost its internal performance in regards to capitalizing on better customer satisfaction. Interestingly, Trabuco was nominated for the position of Bradesco’s presidency only two months after Itaú Unibanco was declared the market leader.

Bradesco’s leadership succession process

A heated debate was witnessed at the bank’s headquarters in Cidade de Deus in Osasco, the metropolitan region of São Paulo when Márcio Cypriano tried to initiate a process of scrapping the statute that bars presidents aged 65 years and above from leading the bank. However, the board turned down his efforts.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco showcased excellent leadership skills when he held the chairmanship of the insurer that is currently the largest in the country since 2003. That is the reason why his name was the most cited during the deliberations over Cypriano’s succession. He joined Bradesco as a clerk and has learned the ropes over the years posing himself as the perfect fit for a continuity and renewal profile.

Due to Bradesco’s leadership statutes, which don’t allow presidents who are over 65 years-old, Trabuco will succeed Márcio Cypriano, who leaves the command. Cypriano has achieved a lot at the helm of Bradesco by multiplying its market value from $ 5 billion to $ 30 billion within the past ten years. In Bradesco’s 65-year history, Trabuco will be the fourth president. The other former presidents are Amador Aguiar, the founder, and Lázaro Brandão who is the current chairman of the board. Trabuco identifies a lot with Bradesco’s culture having served in other strategic areas such as private pension and marketing during his 40-year stay at the private bank.

He was promoted to the position of Vice president at the age of 47. His leadership skills caught the eyes of many when he was head of Bradesco Seguros. Under his reign, he boosted the market share of total premiums from 23% to 25%. Bradesco Seguros’s contribution to Bradesco’s profits also increased from 26% to 35%.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-e-lucilia-diniz-ofereceram-jantar-em-torno-do-prefeito-joao-doria-e-sua-mulher-bia-nos-jardins,30901

OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin Pathway to Success

Sheldon Lavin, the CFO of the OSI Group is a man that understands what it takes to make a company great. He has been the founder and CFO of the OSI Group since day one. It’s truly amazing how much the company has really never changed over the years. Here’s why.

As the leader of the whole thing, Sheldon Lavin, always called Sheldon or Shelley instead, knows how to run a company in a successful manner. It takes rules that never change unless of course, they need to do so, but the foundation has always been stable and the rules that work. It truly is amazing to watch how it all went over the years. The ability to create a great life and keep it on the path is what makes OSI and its CFO on the path to greatness.

They serve some of the best companies in food service today. They have prepared food for those companies with a track record that can’t be argued about. It has always worked really well. The desire for growth tends to do that for a company. When that is the driving force it continues to go upwards towards that goal of complete world domination. His LinkedIn Profile.

Those employees are 20,000 strong to date and growing. Who knows what the future could hold? That original goal has been slowly happening over the years. It’s an accomplishment that has gone all the way from Taiwan and South America. The company has an atmosphere of family that is unsurpassed. It is truly the leading force of the company. Doing things to the “Nth” degree is the way to go with OSI goals. Charity work has always been part of the equation as well. When you roll it all into one big company, you get the OSI Group. To know more click here.

Richard Mishaan Design Firm and Its Exquisite Expertise

Talking of great architecture blended with top-notch design which is original authentic and breathtaking, visit the renowned Richard Mishaan Design Firm based in New York. The owner of the firm, Richard Mishaan, has a background which well suits his job. He studied at both New York University and Columbia where he attained a BA in architecture. The company was founded in the year 1991.

Richard Mishaan Design Firm has gained popularity for its great design works. It offers unique and expert designs, giving each project the specialized attention it needs making it look authentic. This is one of the greatest attributes of Richard Mishaan’s Design Firm. This is important because the clients always demand a unique touch in their homes and offices.

The work conducted by the firm are very creative and ye-catching. Richard Mishaan Design offers a variety of colorful blend when it comes to design which was influenced by Richard’s childhood background. Having grown up in Columbia and Italy, Richard Mishaan, therefore, has a very strong architectural know-how considering that the places he grew up in had great architectural masterpieces.

One of Richard Mishaan’s greatest and most coveted works is the design of the 93RD Street Sales Center. For instance, among the many rooms, one is painted brown with various hues which are expressed in various lines and boxes. At the end of the day, they bring out a stylish design which one would not expect to be brought up in a brown colored room.

Richard Mishaan has also shared his ideas and great creativity through writing books. The first of his books is the Modern Luxury which was released in the year 2009. His second book was released in the year 2014. Using the books, he has been a source of motivation and inspiration to many people. Both books were published by Monaccelli Press. It’s also worth noting that the firm has been in the design sector for over 25 years.

Boraie Development Sees Hope in New Brunswick

For Omar Boraie, there is always a chance that things can get better. He struggled for most of his life but he is now doing better with the opportunities that he has to make things great. He has used Boraie Development to bring hope to the New Brunswick community and to show people that things can get better if they try hard enough. He did a lot for New Brunswick and continues to come up with ideas to help the city and to make things better for the people who live there. It is a part of the message that he has for people who are living in the area and who he wants to show things can get better.

According to Philly Purge, a lot of people had doubt in Omar Boraie. They did not believe that he would be able to make New Brunswick better. They didn’t even believe that he would be able to make the buildings that he was trying to make. Because of the way that Omar Boraie was doing things with the city, he knew that he would be able to really bring change to it and he just wanted others to see it, too. Omar Boraie did what he could and functioned as a visionary so that others would have a better understanding of all of the opportunities they could get from the new buildings in New Brunswick.

While other people doubted him, the Central Jersey Working Moms did not have any doubt in what he was capable of doing. They were able to recognize that he was a visionary and that he would bring change to the area. They wanted to show other people that he could do great things and that his business was something that would make things better for everyone. It was a great way for them to show people that he could do more and be more with Boraie Development.

Recently, the moms published an article about how he is a visionary. They went over some of the things that he did that people questioned and how they were able to work out in the end. As he starts work on another project that involves his vision, the moms want to show people that he can do more and be more than what they used to think. By publishing this information, they are helping others to understand what he can do for New Brunswick.

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