Entrepreneur Of The Year Winner Luiz Carlos Trabuco Prepares To Take Over As Chairman Of Bradesco

In 2015, Bradesco chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco made Brazilian business history when he completed the acquisition of HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion in cash. This was the largest single acquisition in Brazilian history, and it immediately redeemed Trabuco in the eyes of shareholders.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco first came to work with Bradesco in 1969, at the age of just 18. At the time he was hired on as a bank teller, Bradesco was the first job he had ever gotten. Without a college degree, he was able to begin moving up the ranks of the company.

By the end of the 1970s, Trabuco had managed to get both a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in social psychology. He was quickly moving up the ranks, eventually ending up as a regional manager in the quickly expanding bank.

By 1984, Trabuco was promoted to his first executive role. He was put in charge of the company’s marketing department. There, he began making significant changes to the way that Bradesco approached public relations, forging strong relationships with local media personalities in the markets in which the bank was operating. He also began a sophisticated television advertising campaign, which was directed at the country’s rapidly expanding middle class. By the late 1980s, it had become apparent that these efforts were paying off in spades. Bradesco’s work was noticed by his higher ups and, in 1992, he was again promoted.

This time, Trabuco would head up the struggling financial planning division. It was as head of this unit that the skilled banker began making lasting contributions to the way in which Bradesco operates. At the time, the bank viewed its mission as being a primarily egalitarian one. The bank explicitly held the philosophy that no one customer should be treated any differently or receive different levels of service than another. But Trabuco, steeped in the academics of scientific management techniques, knew that this was an old fashion, quaint model that would not maximize the returns for the bank.

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He quickly moved to create a tiered banking model, with the highest level customers receiving luxuriant services. Borrowing from the playbook of casinos and successful North American wealth management firms, Trabuco offered high-net-worth clients everything from separate, luxury facilities all the way to first-class plane tickets and complimentary stays at five-star Caribbean resorts. This targeted approach to wealth management quickly proved to be a resounding success. Within just a few years, the financial planning division had increased its revenues by a factor of nearly ten, and it was now accounting for over 30 percent of the group’s total profits. Again, Trabuco had earned the respect and admiration of his bosses. He was tapped for another promotion.

This time, Trabuco was appointed to the head of the Bradesco group’s insurance underwriting division. Just as he had with the other units he commanded, Trabuco was able to rapidly improve the operations of the insurance division, more than doubling its underwriting output and making it one of the most profitable business lines for the group. Within a few years, Trabuco was able to turn Bradesco Seguors into the single largest underwriter of retail insurance policies in the country.

Now, nearing the age of 60 and with 40 years in with the firm, Trabuco was a prime candidate to replace the outgoing CEO, Mario Cypriano. In 2009, it was announced that Trabuco would become the next CEO.

While his tenure as CEO has not been as decisively successful as other positions he has held, Trabuco is regarded by many as being the most qualified candidate for the job that he will assume next, that of chairman of the board.

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Cameron Clokie, DDS – A Toronto Bone Regenerative Expert

Dr. Cameron Clokie loves his work in the dental and medical field. He is a well-renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a specialty in bone regeneration and reconstruction. Cameron Malcolm Lang Clokie, DDS, PhD, FRCD(C), FICD(C), Dip. ABOMS not only received most of his degrees at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. He was also a Professor, a Division Head, and Associate Dean at McGill. Dr. Clokie has dedicated thirty years of his life to clinical practice and academic dentistry until the early part of 2017 when he retired.

Throughout his career Dr. Clokie advanced his knowledge in oral surgery and medical training, through Fellowships, and certificates at prestigious institutions like University of Western Ontario, Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, The Hospital for Sick Children-Toronto, Royal College of Dentists of Canada, UCLA Bone Research Laboratory, International College of Dentists, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, and William Osler Health Sciences Centre.

Dr. Clokie is considered the go-to tutor in jaw surgeries. His initial training came from working under Dr. Urist for four years. Dr. Urist was an accomplished orthopedic surgeon that developed the BMP (“basic metabolic panel”) system to repair jawbones. Dr. Clokie surpassed his teacher and is the first surgeon to successfully repair jawbones using an improved BMP method.

Dr. Cameron Clokie founded the Toronto based company – Induce Biologics, Inc., in 2008. His company conducts research and the development of regenerating bones using bio-implants.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Cameron Clokie continues to operate a private practice in facial reconstruction and bone regeneration. His reconstructive and regenerative healing career has given Dr. Clokie over 25 globally recognized patents.

He has published many scientific papers and has been asked to speak both nationally and internationally on his field work. His entrepreneurial skills have garnered respect from peers, plus he is asked to serve on many scientific and company advisory boards.


The Market America convention went down in Greensboro in a very colorful event that brought together most business people from all over the country and others from outside state. Over 30,000 people attended the event that is one of the most successful conventions planned by the Market America Company. It saw most investors most known all over the world participate in a fun-filled night in Greensboro. After this meeting, most people believed that Market America is united through the best and worst times of the company. This was among the best times the company has had with its members, and it was a great time to spend outside the office with the members. Every set up during the convention showed that the company had invested in the convention that ran for three days successfully.

The Vice President of the firm Mr. Jim Wrinkler who is a leader who believes that attitude is the main thing that people should check when they want to have a successful business. Mr. Wrinkler supported these statements when he was making his speech during the Market America Convention 2017. He, however, went on to advise any upcoming business people who plan to be successful. His message for those who want to be successful and hungry for success is that they should work for what they want as that is the thing that usually differentiates successful people and unsuccessful people. During his speech at the Market American Convention, he encouraged those seeking success to go for what they want and also make sure they have the right attitude to believe that their business idea will work. As if that is not enough, Mr. Wrinkler through Market America has made audios that encourage those who wish to be successful, and they can listen from wherever they are the same way they listen to music.

In his final advice to the people at the convention, Mr. Jim Wrinkler asked that people associate themselves with people who can make what you give them better. He suggested that some people, even when you offer to advise them, they will never improve on their own. These are the people he asked people to avoid at all costs. The Market American Convention 2017 was celebrating 25 years of being in the business industry, and this convention was just the best way to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.


Utilizing The Innovations To Help Businesses

As internet and technology keep progressing, businesses are split into those that keep up with the change and those that do not. Failing to modernize and adjust to the newest innovative discoveries can result in loss of market share. One company that has taken full advantage of this is Status Labs. They are a Public Relations (PR) firm that operates in many cities worldwide, providing clients with services of online search optimization, marketing, client relations, and more.


Overview of the Business

The Status Labs is based in the capital of Texas, Austin. Since 2012, they have worked with thousands of clients who needed help getting their reputation fixed. The ultimate goal of the business is to help their clients increase sales through good marketing. By utilizing processes that generate better search results, Status Labs will help their buyers attract more of the market share. The company was founded by the current CEO and President Darius Fisher, an honors graduate of the Vanderbilt University. After obtaining his degree, he worked in the political industry as a consultant and writer. Nowadays, his duties include recruiting top-notch employees, facilitating partnerships, and making sure the mission statement is followed.


Some of the most distinguished services offered are:


  • Financial Communications
  • Content Automation Technology
  • Google Search Management
  • Site Audit
  • Crisis Response


Content Automation Technology

This service showcases appropriate review, social media, and blog websites that positively reflect the company. After finding the right search results that will help the company get more customers, Status Labs will strengthen the sources to show up higher in the search.


Google Search Management

In order to ensure that companies search results are not leading buyers to the wrong side of the internet, this company will redirect the traffic to the appropriate place. Thus, one’s business website will be the first result that a customer researching the company will see.


Site Audit

If a business is unable to generate sales through their website, this service might be the solution. Sometimes, websites will not be arranged in an appropriate way and the visual aspects might be compromised. Status Labs can analyze one’s platform and suggest necessary improvements.


In order to facilitate success in their endeavors, businessmen and women are forced to keep up with the changing markets, and companies that help work with this are a valuable asset to business owners.

Norman Patizz Announces How Podcast Influences Marketing Positively

PodcastOne together with Edison research firm conducted a market survey of five leading countrywide customers’ brands which included five diverse products and service classes. The research which involved pre/post promotion brand boost for podcast promoters was conducted within six months in 2016. The results of the research according to Norman Pattiz the CEO of Podcast and Tom Webster the Vice President of Edison Research Strategy, revealed a significant positive influence of podcast product advertising.

From the research, it was found out that 60% of Podcast listeners associate with a particular grocery brand after adverts run indicating a 7% rise with those of spectators in the pre-study. The research also showed some improvement in independent products before and after the research indicating a 47% growth for a financial service product and 37% for car aftermarket goods. Grass and garden product improvement stood at 24%.

The post-research also showed a significant rise where a third of the respondents had positive views of the car aftermarket merchandise which rose up from 18% in the pre-research. The post research results also indicated a 16% to 22% increase in the number of interviewees who were almost getting convinced to using garden and lawn products. The survey also recorded positive results in a particular car aftermarket promotion which improved by 60 % pre and post research, and for an informal restaurant rose by 76%.

Edison Research carried out the market survey for Podcast one with the aim of observing how efficient is podcast promotion strategy for five national brands. Some of the brands were already established in the market but needed to launch new campaigns while others were new entrants and were seeking to increase their awareness in the market. The outcomes of the research showed that podcast listeners were receptive to brand messages and are willing to purchase or consider the advertised brands. PodcastOne is a national advertising network that was established by Norman Pattiz.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Patizz is the founder and the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Patizz has over 40 years worth of experience in the media industry. Before founding PodcastOne, Patizz founded Westwood One which was America’s top provider of news in sports, entertainment and traffic programming among others. Patizz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group a firm that produces and distributes quality programming. Norman Patizz being a serial entrepreneur in 2012 saw a gap in the audio on demand industry and as a result tapped the opportunity and established PodcastOne. The company within no time rose to be the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming.

Please see https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/podcastone-ceo-norman-pattiz-reveals-networks-brand-lift-research-edison-researchers


There Are Three Classes Of Precious Metal Investments

Where To Start With Gold

Don’t get confused by the jargon and the special talk on Wall Street.

For example, the most popular precious metals on the trading market come in threes. There is gold, silver and platinum. There is also three types of casting which these metals are given. The numbers might get confusing. With gold, silver or platinum, you can have casted bars, coins or bullion.

One class of these three casts of precious metals are guaranteed.

What this means is that agencies like the U.S. Money Reserve will buy back any gold items it sells to you. This is especially true regarding the agency’s certified metals. The three classes of precious metals are also considered great investments that are accessible to you and the public.

How To Get Your Hands On Them All

Finding a reputable agency will be your greatest challenge.

There’s a name in the bullion industry and who provides safety on precious metal purchases. This agency is the U.S. Money Reserve. Not only does the firm represent the bullion holdings of the United States, but the Money Reserve also issues coins for reasons of collecting and investing.

Here’s how you can get your hands on the gold options in the market today.

Options to buy precious metals are more secure today than they were only 20 years ago. Technology enables agencies like the U.S. Money Reserve to offer great access to gold and for public purchase. The best part about this agency is its buy-back guarantee. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

Your Choice From Bars To Coins

Once you’re ready to make a real purchase and to invest your future in precious metals, you’ll have a few options to work from. Let’s not make this confusing and with too many numbers of threes. What’s even more vast than the types of cast you have are the nations which issue gold and for investment use.

You can now buy bars and coins from South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Today’s services are fast, easy and effective for your everyday trades.

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Meet Vincent Parascandola; an Outstanding Financial Advisor

For one to be a successful financial advisor, experience and knowledge in the financial field are critical. Vincent Parascandola is one of the most experienced financial advisors with over 25 years of experience. Vincent has helped many successful business leaders from different parts of the world. On top of being a financial leader and advisor, Vincent is an international speaker. Currently, he is the senior executive vice president at AXA Advisor; New York.

Vincent has been very influential in the financial sector with his knowledge and managerial skills. He is a learned businessman who attended Pace University for his higher education. After graduating from University, Vincent started his financial career at Prudential. Vincent worked hard as a sales agent, and he was honored as the National Rookie of the year 1989. Later he moved to MONY Life Insurance company where he worked from 1990 to 2004. His determination to help the company grow was evident, and he held many managerial positions at the company.

In his career, Vincent has been mentoring many financial professionals. After leaving MONY Company, Vincent joined Advantage Group where he worked hard, and his hard work earned him the president position. Vincent also served as a co-manager at AXA Metro Branch, New York. Over the years, Vincent has been very influential in the finance industry, and he has mentored and supervised over 500 financial professionals. When he joined AXA Advisors, he was determined to make a difference in the company. For more details visit Brightscope.

According to Wallethub, Vincent Parascandola has transformed AXA Advisors to be an excellent financial protection company. He is a team leader with the aim of providing excellent plans and strategies that are helpful to clients. The company has served many clients, and Vincent is confident with over 6000 financial experts the company will continue to enhance its performance. Many professionals are grateful to AXA Advisors and Vincent for providing credible and excellent services.

Vincent Parascandola has received very many awards throughout his career. Master Agency and GAMA’S Career Development awards are some of the prestigious awards he has received due to his excellence at his work. Vincent is confident AXA Advisors will continue to maintain high productivity as he recruits experienced financial experts in the company. With teamwork, Vincent is sure AXA Advisors will achieve more in financial protection industry.

Comic mathematician Michael Lacey

Mathematicians are folks viewed by great proportion of the society as boring and dry people. The preconception is due to the fact that majority of the population have negative attitude towards the subject.

The long hours associated with memorizing the complex equations and practice tackling problems are enough to drive someone crazy. However, this is not the same when it comes to mathematician Michael Lacey.

He is a Professor of Mathematics who lectures at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Lacey studied in the university of Texas, Austin and graduated in the year 1981. He decided to pursue his Ph.d in mathematics in Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois. He began his lectures by lecturing as an associate professor in Louisiana State University.

From the year 2001 to today Dr.Lacey has been one of the best mathematics professors in the country. His unique methods of teaching that is characterized by humor is what makes his approach of mathematics different from the rest of mathematics professor. His ability to incorporate humor in his lectures has made students get interested in learning mathematics and its fundamentals.

Dr.Lacey has been given numerous awards in his mathematician career, the most notable one being; he became a member of American Mathematical Society (AMS) in the year 2013. In his long career as professor in mathematics, he has been able to create over a hundred publications in academia.

This makes it easy to understand why it was easy for him to connect with his students easily over his teaching career. The combination of clear understanding of mathematics subject that is coupled with his ability to generate humor while teaching makes Dr,Lacey an important asset at Georgia Tech.

It is easy to now understand why Georgia Tech is one the most acclaimed university not only in the country but also in the world in the fields mathematics, science,engineering and technology.

Dr.Lacey is one of the most interesting folks, he even jokingly generates posts in his own website at the university showing the reviews he gets from students for everyone to view and enjoy.

He also posts other amazing reviews which serve as testimony of what an inspirational professor he has been when it comes to building minds of students, and promoting positive attitude of learners towards mathematics subject.

The testimony of his students on how he managed to change their attitude towards mathematics and build careers is an indicator of the passion Dr.Lacey has in helping his students succeed in their academic endeavors.

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Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Admirable Leadership Qualities

For those needing an attorney in New York, the New York Bar Association has great news! A website referral service at https://nysbalris.legal.io has been made available around the clock. The service replaces the former telephone referral line and is referred to as the Legal Referral and Information Service. Clients are able to fill out a profile detailing their unique legal needs. The staff reviews the submission and matches it with an attorney. If the client wishes to meet with a selected attorney, they pay a small fee for a half an hour consultation to go over the details of the case. This benefits both parties by ensuring there is a legitimate match; saving each party a significant amount of time and money.


Among these attorneys is Jeremy L. Goldstein. His background in legal issues dealing with corporate governance and ethical issues such as executive pay makes him a highly regarded resource. He’s been involved in many large transactions over the years with large corporations on both the national and international level. Jeremy Goldstein’s educational background in both business and law give him the experience level needed to have his own successful boutique firm.


Jeremy Goldstein has contributed his expert knowledge to non-profit organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and Fountain House by serving in leadership and advisory roles. He also has a strong background in art history and the French language. His expert advice has been implemented in scholarly articles by Harvard University and NYU’s Journal of Law primarily on corporate governance. Jeremy L. Goldstein is noticed by both the legal and business communities as an invaluable asset. Mr. Goldstein’s well-rounded background helps him in understanding and resolving some of the business world’s most complex issues. Goldstein’s caring and competent background give his firm the strength to help in any capacity.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter for updates.

JHSF and Jos Auriemo Neto: The World-Class Quality Leadership

Nothing seems to be better than JHSF when it comes to real estate development in the high-income market of Brazil. With JHSF running operations both in the commercial and residential sectors of Brazil, anyone can say that the management style of JHSF is second to none. What makes JHSF also outstanding is the fact that it was able to manage shopping centers and high-level hotels near an internationally recognized executive airport.

The operations of JHSF also come from a consolidation of investments in Sau Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. JHSF also has holdings in the Catarina Integrated Urban Development that includes the Catarina Fashion Outlet that offers business opportunities to many people. This exceptional quality service that JHSF provides has given the company numerous awards, including the Best Aqua Seal Environmental Award in 2012, along with the PINI award last 2012.

JHSF also prides itself on being one of the top best residential developers in the world by Worth Magazine in 2012.

The Leadership Behind JHSF

A good company requires a good leader, and JHSF is running smoothly because of the contribution and leadership of José Auriemo Neto. Mr. Neto is a Brazilian executive who is serving the active chairmanship of JHSF Participacoes SA and is now making sure that the brand’s interests are in sync in the operations of the many hotels, buildings and public developments behind JHSF’s name.

The eldest son of Fábio Auriemo, Jose Neto took over JHSF at the young age of 27 to help intensify the company’s efforts in the luxury market today. At the young age of 17, Jose already showed exceptional promise in getting a small business he started to grow, and it’s this entrepreneurial spirit that gave him the fuel to make sure that up to this day, the developments of JHSF are outstanding.

Mr. Jose was also able to help in administering the many extensive retail portfolios of the company in the Cidade Jardim shopping complex that located in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Ponta Negra.

The leadership skills of Jose are also world-class because of the education Jose got at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University located in Sao Paulo where he took his undergraduate degree before beginning to work in JHSF last 1993.